Industrial design department: our industrial design department is a professional team for mechanical design. With professional design software for drawings. Design various product mode such as microphone shell and receiver parts, assembly drawing, such as engineering graph, application of three-dimensional stereogram simulation test and analysis result. In other to play the whole team power to design more flash appearance product, reasonable structure, new creative product.

Electric-acoustic engineering department: our electric-acoustic engineering department engaged audio expert, with the domestic and foreign authoritative electro-acoustic research institutions to establish technical support services. Analyzing the electro-acoustic technology application, track electro-acoustic product new trends of world development, set up technical information, provide powerful technical information support for keep our product are applied leading technology.

Wireless electronic engineering department: our wireless electronic engineering department is an excellent wireless electronic engineering team, use the comprehensive analyzer, spectrograph, digital oscilloscope and professional software to design and analyze the circuit. Successful developed multi frequency, wireless VHF product, wireless UHF product, multi channels wireless conference microphone system, handheld microphone, clip-on microphone and many other kind of audio stable product.


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